Sunday, October 16, 2005

I have three beautiful Nigerian stamps for sale to benefit Hurricane Zebra victims, what's my bid ? this is a fine example of West African Check fraud. I am a minor scholar, laboring on my associate degree in all things Mumbo Jumbo. There is a serious problem with Nigerian scammers, I have a link about it and I will talk your ear off about it, if you have a poorly attached ear.  Posted by Picasa


Jayleigh said...

I thought you were only teasing when you told me about that the other day. Wow. Rockin' awesome, deude.


Jayleigh said...

PS Have I told you lately how I ADORE the fact that you no longer have word verification?

But don't you have lots of unwanted spam comments or are you just super-vigilant about getting them off your blog, and now?

Thank you for being a friend!!!!!

Bar Bar A said...

no word verification is lovely

so are those stamps

I get a lot of that type of stuff at work in emails, but never a real letter!!!

Joe said...

Mumbo Jumbo? there's a benefit for Mumbo Jumbo? I never heard about it. I'm an expert in Mumbo Jumbo.

Send cash, by fax, if possible.

David said...

By the way that is NOT my mailing address, or my real phone number. Yes that is a quality postal envelope, I would hate to see what they use for toilet paper!!
Did you see the photos of Gang members in Lagos, with Hyena's as pets on chains as they walk the nasty streets. I am not making this up

Texasgal said...

Oh man, glad my ears are firmly attached to my head!