Thursday, October 13, 2005

I still can't sing

and speaking of singers...
Does anyone else think its so RIGHT of Michael Jackson to feel comfortable surrounded by wax figures at Madam Tussaud's wax museum?
They all look just like him, or perhaps a little more life like.
Enuf said.

I am launching a new venture today, floating a business proposal that could really make a difference for me and for my family, Pray that it goes well. I can't say more yet. When I do you will know why.
I have a young man working for me named Jonathon - I only ask that I would appreciate him and be a friend to him the way King David was to Saul's son. We both have such a long way to go. Yesterday he thanked me for giving him a job, and said how proud his mom is that he is "working" - he also needs to finish his High school, so he will just be part time with me, until he finds something better. Pray that he can kick the nicotine thing.
this newsy sort of post will not happen often- my passion is writing
and that I will do. but it needs to happen, and not be forced.

I must say I so appreciate the readers who make this so much fun
I hope I make your online time a bit more fun, or thought-filled.


Joe said...

I must say we so appreciate the writer who makes this blog so much fun.

Bar Bar A said...

will be praying for all of the above...well not the wax museum thing...

Rygel said...

can't you ask him not to smoke while working?

Shelley said...

Since I've been coming to your blog, which hasn't been very long, I've always enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good work!

Nettie said...

Hmmm, never thought of MJ as wax. Skeleton maybe.

David said...

rygel - good to see you here, welcome and here is your award for most obvious comment, He does not smoke on the job but craves it intensely.
Shelley, you hit me at my peak its all downhill from here. later i will talk about toe nail fungus, and the smell of old garbage cans...
Joe - thanks - and say hi to bonnie

WW - I think the wax musuem thing deserves MUCH prayer, MJ's face should be the #1 mask this year at Halloween. Or NOT!
Nettie, I think of you as cotton candy, am I wrong?
I tried to sing last night, but recorded myself first, what a GOOD idea, two glasses of wine is good for courage, but not as a cure for being off key. Im not sure now, maybe I can read to you, or learn to RAP!
anyone seen Jayleigh??? :-(

Texasgal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Texasgal said...

Hey there..just stopping in to check things out! Fun to read so many new things. Good luck on your relationship with the new guy.

Umm..I decided that my last comment might not have been the nicest were M.J. was concerned. So I wanted to fix that. :)

Texasgal said...

Oh, and I wish my posts really were worth a nickel each. ;)

David said...

you are too sweet - and a bit funny - we like that in a texas gal

Jayleigh said...

David, you know I had a busy week.

:-( We talked every day didn't we?

Well anyway, I'm caught up on reading you now. You're a prolific little fella, aren't ya?

I'll try to do better this week. And thanks for all of your encouragement and your chats and just for being my friend and looking out for me. You're like, way better than the big brother I already have. ;-)


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