Sunday, October 09, 2005

Please help - stop me!!!

I am about to sing
into the audio blogger thing

I was singing in church
and it sounded so "acceptably decent"
that I thought, "I can do this at home
and share it with the readers", who would have to be listeners if I continue with this lame idea.

so, listening readers, and reading listeners:

Do you want to hear the silver throated pot bellied tree feller
sing a song of the heartland?

please say no

be warned - I have never sung Karaoke, or for my supper
or been in sing sing. I was in a men's chorus once ( not gay)
and loved the sound of my own voice
it has driven several otherwise sane people over the edge though.

So why start now? Courage
it takes extreme courage - and stupidity
to sing and let others actually hear it.

on the job I would break out in song
and have tools and scrap wood hurled at me.
so i learned to sing and duck
I can not sing like a duck

Silly Nessa has two songs on her blog and I was
touched ( she is touched too) by her boldness and
her melodic interpretation.
So I want to be an American Idol too.

Unless you stop me.
which would be a good idea.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I won a first prize in kerioke once at a Days Inn, free dinner for 2! It was hard rock though, Forienger's "Urgent!" well, I know it so well I was dancing a mime to the sax solo...
But they even tell me to shut up at work caused no one can concentrate...
I feel like I'm cheating Kerioke cause really I'm already a musician. Just singin's pretty easy! I never tell people not to sing. the more ya do, the better ya usually get, unless ya do actually have a tin ear...
See, I came over to see ya.

Shelley said... you provide ear plugs? LOL

I myself tend not to torture people with my singing...guess God has given me a spirit of compassion toward my fellow mankind...

David said...

warming up my pipes - and trying to decide how challenging this should be.
I love Joni mitchell - but I sing more like Willie Nelson, and my comsdy schtik is more likely to be classic George Carlin or Cheech Marin.

here is the potential play list.
Cheeseburger in paradise, Jimmy buffett.

You turn me on i'm a Radio, Joni Mitchell

Sittin' on the dock of the bay, Otis Redding.

Looking out my back door, CCR

fl13grl said...

I can't carry a tune in a bucket! So I am happy to hear that you have the courage to do so.. Age is nothing but a number! If you like your voice and how it sounds, let it be heard!All the best for you!!! Wishing you a wonderful start to your week! :) ...Ox...t

Sandy said...

oh please prettty please DO!
And hey, if you are entertaining enough, it might bring the traffic you want to your site! Have you ever heard of the daily dancer? He posts a video of himself dancing daily. It's pretty funny, and he's got a huge fan base now.

Joe said...

As for me, I would like to hear you sing and duck.

Hannah said...

oh- please DONT sing!
Dad- I'm sure the world will do just fine NOT hearing your singing voice... sorry

Jayleigh said...

I, too, have been tempted greatly by the audio-blog and singing thing... but I fear it would be just horrid.

I have heard too many people thinking they could sing on their audioblogs to let myself be the next victim.


David said...

J - maybe you and Rob want to do a duet - I will offer up my ( our ) readers if you want to use my audio blog again - let me know

David said...

J - maybe you and Rob want to do a duet - I will offer up my ( our ) readers if you want to use my audio blog again - let me know

Texasgal said...

Whooo....sing, sing! That'd be cool!