Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I have the obligation and responsibility to Kick Butt!

I do. I checked the label from my manufacturer.

Size XL
washing instructions: Yes, often
Material: Made from the finest stuff, Earth.
When done here, this body will return to dust.
Note to wearer: I put you here for a reason, and only for a season.

Included equipment:
One nose - full size so you can smell a rat,
or decide what is edible and what is to be thrown away.
Two eyes - You will see what others can not, and look where others will not dare. Look carefully and do not waste your vision on empty things.
Two ears that hear everything, but you must train them to listen.
Hear the heart of your fellow man, not just the words they say.
Sensitive and strong hands:- to hold the ones you love, to hug and caress
Two hands that in emergency become hard like iron and will defend you and yours.
Ten fingers that can almost type, give good massages, and will if needed, pick your aforementioned nose, don't over do it though!
Mouth - listed last, since it is best used after fully utilizing the other equipment.
This mouth eats food, you limit how much and what kind, please.
this mouth drinks, be careful to give it what is best for you.
This mouth can make songs, some are private, only a few are for the general public.
All songs belong to the maker, and will serve his purposes.

Please fully utilize this and all other equipment within the constarints of love
and power. When it is time to console, you have what it takes. When you need to kick someone in the backside of their equipment, do so thoroughly. Leave no doubt where you stand,
but be careful you do not fall.


Anonymous said...
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Johan Wedell said...

Wow. Did you really write this? Text like this should have a greater audience than your blog has (your blog ought to have more visitors too, but what can you do).
Mind if I post this somewhere if an apropriate occation arises?

Get well soon - we want to hear if your singing is as beautiful as your writing :-)

Joe said...

What a great post!

How significant that God has made each part of our body to specialize in such a way as to bring either honor or dishoner to Him.

I pray we choose to honor Him.

Bar Bar A said...

Great post, David! You're such a dichotomy. Stong outdoorsman who works with his hands/sensitve artist creating with words

David said...

alright folks enough adulation, just send me to all your pals around the globe, and I will heap the thanks on with a pickle fork. You know i am an addict and need readers. New readers help yourself to the archives. Once or twice I said something noteworthy.
I love this job!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey, just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog. if you need to meet more readers, try michelle's meet and greet on the weekend, it runs friday through sunday

Jayleigh said...

Go Deude!!!!

me said...

ok ok ok.... this post is fantastic...looks the kind of thing u send on ur emails... wow im impressed...congratulations

Patry Francis said...

Funny and wise at the same time. Great post.

Joyce said...

This is really a neat post. Glad I didn't miss it!

Using up the words.... said...

Absolutely love this one! :)

BUT - could it really be better than your singing.
How about a - I'll do it, if you do it?! :)
(Did I just write that? Does it really count since it's on a blog?hmmmmm)
Hope you are having a breezy weekend over yonder. Think I may have gotten sunburnt today?! hehe