Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I must stop blogging....

I really must stop blogging, and reading blogs in the morning.
that's it - that's my whole post. You already know all the reasons why.
You know how alluring and seductive the blogosphere is and how lost we can become as we hear and see the lives of strangers, and new friends unfold day by day.
I never liked soap operas, but I did watch them for a while with a friend
Now its like there are 745,389 channels and I am having trouble deciding which to spend my time on. As script writer for my own tragi-comedy and producer I need time for writing.

I will write at night, and answer fan mail.
The mornings I will recapture for work preparation,
meditation ( staring into the coffee cup)
and prayer ( Dear God do I really HAVE to get up, Love, Me).

Its the two minute drill of my moving game, and something has to give
So I will shorten my posts and concentrate on getting the stuff done that needs to be done. Pray for my strength, wisdom and focus.
Warmest thoughts and caring out to all of you.
Take the morning off.... Don't comment on this. Really, I'll be ok if you don't.
its 7:38 am - I am off to pick up my concrete tools. Its gonna be Beautiful!


Sandy said...

You are an addict. Addicted to Blogcaine.
I've been there, my friend *Sniff*
heck, who are we kidding? I'm still addicted.

Jayleigh said...

How would you know that I was here if you didn't get a comment?

Oh yeah..... site meter. ROCKIN!!!!!

Shelley said...

Well, I think it is safe to comment here now...it's 8:46pm (in my time zone anyway) so it isn't morning and you can feel free to read comments and blogs hehehe.

Bar Bar A said...

I had to narrow down my list of blogs to a manageable amount...you made the cut.

Seriously, you do what you need to do, your faithful readers will survive a day or two...I think...I hope....I don't know....

mommy d said...

But it is so fun! I saw it was sunny up in Big Bear today. Not here at the bottom. Thanks for visiting.

Texasgal said...

Shoot...I wasn't going to say anything but everyone else was doing it...hehe.


*Note to others, I give him two days.

Oren Schmidt said...

Blogging for my dad is like his current crack, he has the most addictive personality in the world. When i was a little kid he got addicted to my brother's video game Dune II and he would play that game till he passed out in front of the computer. Now that he has kicked that habit he is on to blogging. Its a catch 22, on one hand i think he is totally addicted to blogging in an unhealty way, but at the same time is serves as a release valve and you, the readers are his support. Dad you need your blog for stability, try not to let your relationship with the blog take presedent over reality.

David said...

I love my son and think he will do well in the feild of psychology,as he seems to have me figured out.
The first step is admitting you have a problem:

NO WAY! I so do not have a problem!!

Texasgal said...

Oren, life on the web is reality. Seriously. Isn't it?