Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Texas Gal don't you come out tonight

and dance by the light of the moon.
Texas Gal you are so wrong!
and its sad that you have to tease about my handicap
its like I'm rolling down the street in my wheel chair and you poke a stick in my wheel and laugh when I go in circles.

Did your Mom teach you to sass your elders, hmmmmm?
"Oh he will not last two days" as she winks at my readers.

I'll show her.
I won't last even one day
There! I posted in the morning but I did it quickly
and without any brain strain,
and now the glorious autumn sunrise is tearing across the treetops
and signalling a new workday.
(dramatic music)
I am less sore from the concrete work than I expected
and a bit unsure of what I will find when I take the covers off it today
I made it Reeely really interesting, but had to finish in the Very dark
so I am a bit anxious to see what lies beneath
it was so so fun doing colors, I felt like an artist.
Oh speaking of art, TexasGal has some fingerpaints that
she does when she is not attacking old men.

Y'all have a naaahce day!


Texasgal said...

*poke* Oh dear... you have me at a loss for words!

Shelley said...

Coloured concrete?? I'm so lost on this...I assumed concrete work meant you were putting in a sidewalk or a foundation for a to expand for those of us who lack the brain cells to understand what you are referring to (and by this I mean me)

Esther said...

I'm with shelley. Do we get pictures?

Jayleigh said...

Wow David. Talk about calling her out!

Nice talking to you tonight. I missed ya!

David said...

TG - when you are at a loss - get out your paints, and go to it we love your stuff.
Shelley and esther, I hope my recent pics will fill you in. it looks brown - but was red, tan and black, then blended - it takes a while to get the effect I want

Jayleigh, my steadfast friend, I love to do it LARGE like texas itself, I warned her before hand. Nice talking to you too.

Texasgal said...

I guess he learned me...

Or did he? Muhahahaa... the Texan in me has a bit of fight left...bring it on Mr. David! (Note to readers: I can take almost everything the fruits and nuts can dish out so don't worry too much.)

Oren Schmidt said...

Dad you are totally nuts, leave the rest of the online community alone. You write for you, not to appease your readers, they read because they enjoy your insanity, if you beging to have inside jokes and address certian readers, you will lose the broad appeal your blog once had.