Monday, October 24, 2005

The Life and Times of OCS

The Life and Times of OCS

My son says it does not matter how many readers you have
( he has no site meter, wht is with THAT?)
He says that comments are not important
(must be because I am his main comment person)
He says you can blog whenever you want or not
He says I am nuts. well he finally got something right!

Go drop about a dozen comments on him about his Yosemite pictures
Maybe we can still straighten him out, before its too late.

My new quest, find abandoned blogs and revive them
I will need a "little help from my friends"


Texasgal said...

I agree with him in one way...I keep my log for me. However, readers are always fun and one who will comment and make a friendship out of the deal is totally cool in my book!

Texasgal said...

*grabs some poster board and scribbles a message on it.*

Holds up sign. "Save the weblogs!"

David said...

STOP weblog abuse and neglect!

If you post it, they will come ( and read)!

Don't let me die in Obscurity
signed, your blog... :-(

Bar Bar A said...

Count me in, send em my way...I'll comment the heck out of them. On my way to see Oren right now.

Oren Schmidt said...

Becareful what you are sending people to, it might be something with nasty pictures or nasty messages!

Jayleigh said...

Are you alright, dear Friend?


Have a nice evening! :-)

Joe said...

I went over there and he can really write!

Left a comment as instructed.

David said...

the son of my youth has posted not once but twice! I am in a happy state.
All of blogdom rejoice with me, my son who was lost is found. Let us slay the fatted calf and drink and be merry!