Monday, October 10, 2005

Sorry - not tonight, I have a headache

I have this lingering cold -
a runny nose and headache
That will keep me from singing tonight
I tried in the car on the way home
and I sounded terrible.

lets see if I can write:

I had a dream
I was on a lake in a small boat
and drifting lazily in the warm summer breeze
My boat came ashore on a green island, lush and full of life.
I tied my small boat to a stump on the shore and
took a walk to explore my new world.
The smells of the juniper, and the feel of silky soft moss under my bare feet take me by surprise. This world is soft, and welcoming. It speaks to me of the joy of life and the harmony of creation and the creator. I am joined by a spirit so soft and subtle, yet so strong and real.
I can not see her, but for her footprints on the mossy path. She guides me with light so warm and music so sweet that I am entranced and leave every other though behind as I am drawn to a clearing and I stretch out on the grassy knoll. As I lie down, gazing heavenward to the floating clouds, I am hypnotized by their perfect whiteness on the blazing blue sky. The utter simplicity of what is before me lights the torch of my imagination. I see simple objects at first, then more complexity. Waterfalls and waving grain, stampedes of wild beasts charge within my mind.
I close my eyes and the scene fades to black, and all there is in the void, is peace, so deep, and joy beyond words. Then a beep beep beep and my alarm clock is going off and I need to get out of bed- and its COLD out there.
Oh the pain - the exquisite pain of reality.


Lindsey said...

Breast cancer huh? interesting...I'll keep that in mind. ;-)

I love the way you write...

David said...

why thank you lindsey - we all will do what we can to make the world a healthier place. Peace to you!

Joe said...

Reality is so.......real!

me said...

wow u surely know how to write!!!

Jennifer said...

Beautifully written. Feel better soon.

David said...

friends, this is actually crap

I need to go deeper inside where the good stuff is, this is very superficial, and it is so cheesy to say i'm dreaming because then anything can happen and be explained.
When I discuss Jerry Springer living in the lowest level of dante's inferno I will try to do better. We all should try to do better, because life is a gift we open every day. Bless you for your kindnesses though.

Terrymum said...

Found you via Snoop's blog. Good writing. And you hit a major chord with me - reality! Read a book about 8-9 years ago called "Awareness; The Perils and Promise of Reality" by Anthony J. DeMello. Life changes followed. Carry on good man!

Jayleigh said...

David awesome imagery.

Did I miss something? Breast cancer?

Anyway, thanks so much for the chat today. You always make me smile and raise my spirits. Rob says HI and neither of us was offended. ;-)


David said...

hi jay - yes you did miss something _ i suggested that Lindsey be aware of the strong link recently revealed between drinking and breast cancer. Her blog was a photo essay of a margarita party. We can't keep losiong young people to this disease.