Tuesday, September 20, 2005

it's hard to blog in the rain

Sorry, kids, david can't come out and play.
its raining here ( and elsewhere)
there is lightining, and thunder.

David did not get the rest he needed last night
something woke him at 1 am and he had a lot on his mind
and tossed and turned til well after 2
at 2 his brilliant son came in the door
(which is better than him not coming in the door)
by 2:30 it was time to get up, as tossing and turning was getting
kinda boring. Warm up some milk and fire up the computer
for some late night "commenting" on various blogs.
Looked at the radar of the Calif storm and decided it was no match for Rita.

Now, He's got nothin' Blahhhhhhhh


Nettie said...

I personally think late-night blogs are the most fun, after the fact that is.

Jayleigh said...

awwwwwww... poor david.... though i agree w/ nettie bcuz she ROCKS!!!!