Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't get me near reality

just give me access to the web cam!!!
Wooo hoooo
They are getting their palm fronds whipped in the Keys.
I can tell you that most assuredly because I googled Key west cam
and came up with some web cams that are still working
and one that I could point and watch the wind and waves.

Now I am officially a web spinning nerd spider!
I have begun to care less about disaster than my ability to
go there and see it, without getting wet.
Call me Geraldo. You won't hurt my feelings
I have none. I am a image seeking robot that must
find new input for my sensors.

Pray for me, it may not be too late.

I would give you links - but then the disease might spread faster
" you are on your own"
I think Mayor Nagin said that.


Jayleigh said...

Frightening. Yes, that's it, you're frightening.

But I still like you and I'm proud to call you my pal!


Joe said...

Oh man! Now I have to go find my own disaster cam!

But thanks for the idea!