Monday, September 19, 2005

Gone political

So that is twice now in my blogging internship
that I went blatantly politico.
I apologize, I am sorry, I take full responsibility.
You as my readers have come to expect better of me.

Next time I am tempted, I will say to my self...
"Self, what would Jayleigh do?"
"How would Layla handle this, self?"
" I should let Nettie handle this she has more passion for it than I do."

It just happened, I swear, I was popping through blog and news when this white haired guy was stucking his finger in my face and I remembered how he wagged the dog last time
and I just copied the picture and came up with a silly caption,
and gave myself a day off from blogging.
I was being a lazy turd.
We now know that slothful thinking leads to lazy turdness.

I had a bad month, ok? then I had a good week, which is a setup for a
disjointed weekend, too much time on the comfy couch reading fluff,
not enough time reading all the sharp bloggers out there but I did discover some new talent.

I had NO brilliant thoughts on which to build a post.
So I annoyed my blog friends by insisting THEY post while I sat on my Turdass.
It worked!

I also discoursed with Maui mama about the propriety of discussing female cycles in print,
and got some concessions there. Thank you.
My new blog slogan for Sandy- if it bleeds, it don't needs to lead (s).

Here is the cup de mush:
I drove 3 gallons Saturday to meet an old friend, for dinner, and to commiserate ( what a great word!) on our children going off to college. However old friend (OF) could not make it.
you know what is the worst part? I shaved just for this event
Translation for non shavers and those subject to lunar cycles:
I had expectations.
Never mind that they were unrealistic, I had them and they motivated me to shave my face.
I ALMOST got a $14.00 haircut but was spared this by the aforementioned OF canceling just before I got in the chair.

So I need to work my brain harder to bring high quality humor and real life
stories to this space. I do not have video capability like some cool bloggers,
and I have not learned to capture voice so I can just dictate this into an audio file.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am going to Pomona on Tuesday to unleash the Jared weapon on Cal Poly Pomona.
this is the greatest recent loss in my life and it comes as no surprise, having
rooted for this sort of great event - and then it comes and you are inexplicably
stricken by the weight of parenting well done. It is like dinner, when it is done, its done.
Take it off the stove, serve it up.
Well, world, I did my best with this boy and now he is a man, and he is so much more brilliant than I am, and way caring and sensitive, too. I launch him, with no hesitation, into a higher orbit, so that more of you can appreciate his unique and beautiful spirit.
Jared, go do your best!


Bar Bar A said...

I think all three of your kids inherited a unique and beautiful spirit from their daddy. I'll be praying extra for your heart this week.

I don't think you need to apologize for the post of Bill. It was not inappropriate, you just stated a FACT.

A day without a visit to Sugarloaf Mountain is like a day without sunshine.

Hugs friend!

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. David, I am more than flattered at the comment you made about me on Garnet's blog!!! Thank you so much!

BTW, I don't always comment, but I'm a regular reader of your blog.

Jayleigh said...

God bless your heart, David! I am not quite sure why I haven't read this post until right now. **hugs**

By the way, Jayleigh, in your situation, would have straddled the fence. She's a fence-sitter and has ZZZZZZEEERO balls when it comes to airing her political opinions on her own blog.

Ya did good, Kid!