Sunday, September 18, 2005

I remember that finger, it was wagged at the american people when he said, " I never had sexual relations with that woman" Posted by Picasa


Joe said...


So when do we believe him?

When he talks about his personal life? When he talks about his "legacy?" How about when he talks about what his administration would have done in response to Katrina?

How about NEVER?

Jayleigh said...

All the while smirking and thinking, "yeah buddy! You're darn right I'm a freakin pervert!"

And I agree with Joe, he'd probably have done nothing about Katrina! He'd be sitting at his desk looking at be-thonged girls and sticking cigars where the NEVER needed to go! Yuck!

Jodes said...

Thanks for coming to my blog...yout pretty funny! Check back again soon.

Ruben said...

He should stop finger wagging and get back to the white house and rescue this country from the nightmare that currently is ruining this country's image.

Nettie said...

I can do this really great imitation of his pot speech. It scares people.