Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A novel approach to fun fund raising

Just when you thought you had seen it all
Katrina underwear drive
Or Operation panty drop
is so well written and so funny that I reccomend emptying your
bladder before reading it or wear "depends".
Please don't try to read while drinking your coffee or tea
you will spray it all over your monitor as you laugh till you cry.

******* they had 489 visits before I write this******
Thanks, merry widow , for the link!!

The only time I have seen something like this was Frank Zappa's
concert, where he had the whole stage decorated with ladies underwear
and collected hundreds more from the audience, it was like a mass hypnosis
and very bizzare. I wish I remembered the music, darn.
Oops - darn is for socks, mister!!!
( yeah sure youbetcha, go back to Fargo donchaknow! ehh?)


Jayleigh said...

Are you still insisting on me sounding like Fargo, cuz ya knowww... I doon't talk like those guys ya know? Sure as heck, there, buddy. Don'tcha know. Gaaaaash.

I left a song for you on my blog. I am sure you'll love it.

**hugs** Sugar! Loaf!

Nettie said...

I think Jayleigh said it best...

David said...

very clever Nettie Monster,
jayliegh is frightened by my massive wit, and exceedingly good sense of humor.

Joe said...

I really didn't want to mention about the unmentionables, because if I mentioned them, they would no longer be unmentionable, because I will have mentioned them.

But I did enjoy the post and the link.


Jayleigh said...

verrrry good, nettie. you rock, sista!

Hi David! *waving* Didn't you know that your blog was a message board for nettie and me? hehe

Have a great weekend!

David said...

My message board is at your command.
Oh Queen of the blog! and her princess sista. You class up my act.

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