Tuesday, September 13, 2005

believing in anything

Is believing in something better than believing in nothing?

Well it is easier - since believing in nothing means you don't exist and neither do I and this post would be very short.

I am commenting on people who get to believing what seems to me
and some ordinary folk as a preposterous truth.
There are space aliens living on and visiting the planet Earth.
Unless you know my former neighbors there is no reason to believe in aliens.
Only if you shop at Walmart after midnight will you see anything that could be classified as "extra terrestrial".

This is not actually NOT a post about space aliens or those who have been abducted by them.
It is about unconventional belief systems that lead people to destruction, or at best emptiness.
If there is no truth, then we are all fine, including people who run red lights, steal from your home and cross borders without proper paperwork ( note the increasing severity of crimes)

If there is truth, it must be verifiable.
Ok - how do I verify that YOU have been in an alien spacecraft? Uhhhh

I posted a while ago about this man, Red Elk, telling about his vision of an apocalyptic future for the entire planet.
How do I argue with him?
Here's how:
"Dear Red Elk, may I call you red?
Thanks, cause like Red Skelton you are out of your mind. No he was more sane.
Sir, I mean, RED, when you are going without food for 69 days, you may expect to see things.
I went without food for three days and I was seeing chocolate eclairs! A curvy woman could walk in the room and I would see a clump of bannanas!
If she was really voluptuous I would envision cottage cheese ( so hate me ladies, I am hallucinating here). If you do not take care of your stomach, red, the brain WILL tell you that the end of the world is coming, because, guess what? For you, it is!"

Here is the bad news. The end is the world is coming.
and the good news????
You can be ready
Have one of two boarding passes ready and do not pack your bags.
Boarding pass one gets you on the mother ship with almond shaped eyes.
There they will stick probes in your orifices and take a bunch of dna samples so they can breed you.
Boarding pass two is Faith in Jesus Christ as your only Savior, and His death as payment for your sins. No matter what happens next, the people who have had the probes assure me it will be better than their experience.
I can't talk Red out of his evacuation plan, but I can offer you a better one.
When the big one hits, I am going with the Big Guy.
Hope you are along for the ride.


Bar Bar A said...

well you've answered a question I've had in my mind for a long time. That other guy named David that I know that lives up in near your mountain, is an space alien. Our Walmart it not open after midnight or I'd check it out in hopes of a siting.

Jayleigh said...

I'm with you brother! YAY GOD!!

I saw your link to Red whats-his-name, but I never clicked it. I'm glad I took your word for it, because the mentally unstable really freak me.

**hugs** You're so crazy! :-)

Nettie said...

I'll be riding. Even though I shop at Wal-MArt after midnight.

Joe said...

I'll be there!

(I hate Wal-Mart. I invariably get something from health, go diagonally across the store to get milk and remember something else I needed in health. That's just too much walking!)