Friday, September 16, 2005


If space aliens are so 'highly intelligent',
How come they are abducting farmers in overalls
off the seat of their John Deere's?
Wouldn't you think they would capture some
scientists, doctors, and college professors?
Maybe they are looking for pets and pick them like you
would a puppy, at the pets store.
"he's so cute, mommy can I have him?"
or worse
They are looking for well fed units that
yield a lot of protein and barbeque well.
"Don't pick those skinny ones, Zork, they are way too tough"

Just random thoughts, today.
Tomorrow I will try for something profound.

Like this:
Pray for good political leadership in the south as they spend billions to rebuild
also pray that my hat tree will give me a good crop of figs.


Nettie said...

Maybe the overalls give that extra special flavor.

David said...

you are brilliant nettie, that must be the answer. and here I was mulling whether the shoulder straps just make for really easy grabbing of a snack.
quark to xeeb: wanna grab a bite?
sure, quark, paper or plastic? and would you like help out to your craft with that?