Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday, 6am

Sunday is looking pretty good right now.
It is still brand new - no dings or dents as of yet.
I awoke a little after five but stayed in bed and watched the dawn break.
In the wee hours the crazies commune on Coast to coast AM - a radio show that used to be all Art Bell. I listen for a few minutes to assure myself that, relatively speaking, I have a sound mind. Hearing Red Elk prophesy the reexplosion of Mt. Saint Helens, and a 7.2 earthquake hitting Seattle, puts my mind at ease. I am more sane than people who are packing to leave Seattle based on Red Elk's vision.
My thought for them:
Where are you going to go? there is affordable land in Florida, maybe?
Tornado alley has some openings.
Can we sell you some California ocean view, that is sliding down the hill?

So I get out of bed. Not that difficult. Throw on the terry cloth bathrobe because its cool today.
Put the kettle on so I can make my coffee.
Then I push the truly magic button that connects me to all of you. Church starts in three and a half hours so I have time to write - and eat breakfast, while watching the rising sun cast shadows across the yard. When I need a stretch, I will spread some bird seed and fill the bird bath, and hope for a view of my favorite coyote. I'll stop by the place where I buried "Patches", my faithful friend of ten years, and miss him more than a little.

The Jesus Christ show is on and he is dealing out great advice with much love and confronting empty philosophy with tact and grace. I am digging (old sixties hipster phrase) the sounds of truth, and you can too, on the net, but only Sun from 6 am to 9am Pacific.

There are opportunities to serve my fellow man this afternoon ( work) and fulfill family responsibilities also. I hope to do both. The Los Angeles county fair will have to wait, and I will miss Crosby, Stills and Nash. With the advance of life extending medicine, they will probably come around again, even if they are in walkers and wheel chairs. Maybe I will get with the times and go see Hoobastank on another date. We shall see.
Right now the noisy Stellar's Jay is right at my window, screaming for peanuts, which I am out of, and needing to go to the store to buy.

Love to all who read here, double doses to those who comment.


Nettie said...

Feeling the love.

daisy3957 said...

Have a great day my friend :)

Bar Bar A said...


Heather said...

Wow. Hope the rest of the day matched the morning.hx

Jayleigh said...

I need double doses fer shure!

Sounds like a great day, my friend. Hope you're having a good one!

BHGA said...

I'm going for the double dose....Love reading your blog..what an awesome morning !!


Texasgal said...

Hehe, here for the extra dose! Your writing style is fun to read!

David said...

yes, I love all my readers, but Only this terrific group gets the doouble dose of me saying so in public,
Jay, daisy, well well well, heather,donna and Texasgal, you are so kind to keep me going. I shall keep the blog fresh and clean.