Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation on the horizon.....

Just when you thought you would never make it to Friday
much less to Labor day.
When your busy mind can think of no more tricks to play
on your tired body and sagging spirits.
As the tolls add up for driving too far too fast
and you have no coins to pay at the booth, there appears an exit sign
on the Expressway of daily life.

I am turning 50 this week - and not too weirded out by it (denial).
I am a half century old, as I quipped to my dear old dad at this point in his life.
He took it well I think, at least he did not hit me.
I was fourteen then, and full of smart sayings, but still a good kid ( false memory).
He and I were close, and I never doubted him or his love for me.
For an old guy he was reasonably cool, we camped and hiked together for
hundreds of miles. He was good as gold, and set the pattern for my parenting style.

We are very different of course, since we encountered such different worlds as we developed. I in the stupid seventies, he in the era defined by the World War.
He picked up his college education in bits and pieces, I blew mine to bits.
We share a lot of the distractedness that makes your family shake their heads
and makes a spouse pull their hair. I was ADD before add was cool.
Dad had depressive times, but did his best to cope and cover these.
There was not the awareness or literature or plethora of drugs that help so many these days.
I only understood him as I became him. Now I love him more for the added knowledge.

So what about the vacation, you say
( bothersome readers expecting continuity!) ?
It happens that a friend to whom I gave the caring advice "you need a vacation!" thought that I was right, and that I needed one too. So we are going.
Close by California standards, the beach is far enough away to feel like paradise.
Three hours of driving will yield two full days of relaxation.
To be sure we don't relax completely, there is a day trip to Santa Barbara Island, with a sea kayaking tour. Yes I am very excited. I love the ocean, and I love paddling.
To have this much gift presented was quite overwhelming.
Its way more than I expect, or deserve, but the timing is perfect
and a chance to recharge in the midst of our hot humid summer
by spending some time at the cool misty beach is so valuable.

I am older tommorow, Tuesday, but I promise not to act like it
I most certainly will not feel it while I am laying on the sandy beach
or chasing otters in my kayak.

Oh, the love of a friend
The caring of a close companion
the gift of time well spent
together, and apart.
quiet peace and nature.


Lucy Stern said...

I love getting away every so often. No phone, no bill paying chores, just time away to think about life and how blessed I am. God has been so good to me. That doesn't mean that I haven't encountered problems in my life, it means that I have been given so much. I am 55 years old, instead of worring about my age now, I just go with the flow. My daughter just had baby # 2 a week ago yesterday. I am a Grandmother again. I love it. I want to experience every stage of my life and just try to be positive about it. I can't turn back the clock anyway.
Have a good time on your trip to the beach, it sounds like a lot of fun. Take in the beauty of the earth and smell the fresh air. Think about all your blessings. I'm glad that you had a great dad. I was lucky too, I had a great dad who loved us and taught us a lot about life. He died 5 years ago and I miss him terribly. That is a big blessing right there. Good luck.

daisy3957 said...

Enjoy your birthday day away! My thoughts and well wishes will be with you. Happy Birthday my sweet friend. "50" probably feels like a bigger birthday then the last milestone year of 40 (which I just hit)but, it's just a number. As long as you learn from your errors and grow into a better person each year the number doesn't matter. I have seen you grow into a much stronger, well balance man in the few years I have been lucky enough to know you...keep up the good work my friend! Leave all of your cares behind and have a wonderful time at the beach!!!

steve said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Sandy said...

Happy BIRTHDAY!! ( a day early) sounds like you will have a really great time! Enjoy!

Bar Bar A said...

Happy Birthday, friend.

I plan to call at exactly midnight so I can be one of the first to wish you a happy 50 :)

Jayleigh said...

Happy Birthday, my blogging buddy! I know I've been truly blessed by your friendship these last months. That's your present to me. And mine to you is a ton of prayers. I know you've been going through it, and I know that you will be OK. God bless you as you lay on that beach and REST for me, won't you?