Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm going to read now

I am going to get comfy on the couch and read till my eyes close
I am onto a good book that may help me
and YOU ALL KNOW how I need help.
So instead of writing about terrible drivers,
beautiful cloud formations, putting an offer in on the tree house, I will read
about me and what makes me tick.

If you think the recent stuff is too sad go through the archives.
May I suggest May? I just did.
June did not have too much gloom.
and we still need submissions for
movie reviews of pictures you never have seen
( the purpose of which is to keep others from wasting their time and $)
links to mold pictures are welcome as Johan and I may do a joint venture.
If any of you won the lottery, please consider sharing so I can get into my new tree house and blog from a new point of view. You know I would share, in fact, ten thousand future winning dollars to the best comment posted.
The sun is setting and casting rays across my keyboard
my hands are quite amazing tools, Thank you God for the gift of working fingers!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Since mine is the only one so far, I guess I'm the winner.