Saturday, July 30, 2005

110 volt killing machine

Ahh the thrill of a well delivered shock treatment.
with all the recent rains there are a lot of places for
mosquitos to meet and mate in our area.
But there is only one true hot spot where they
can meet their final glorious sparking demise.
ZZZaaapppppppp!! zap zap

I splurged and got the $22 "joy juicer" from Home Depot
after seeing how well it worked in a friends yard.
You know what? It's better than most summer TV shows.
The blue light is so sexy, so irresistable I almost get pulled in myself!
The metal grid carries huge amounts of death rays
and showers them on the unsuspecting victims.

The kill is intended for Mosquitos Most Bothersome ( latin name)
but there are some big guys that work their way onto the toaster.
When they do, the lights in the house dim and outside the sparks fly!!
CRRRRackkkkkle Snap snap POP!
I cackle my evilest laugh and dance around as the mechanics of man
overcomes his environmental adversaries. I am in charge here!

Can you tell the writer is having a really bad day and covering it up?


Jayleigh said...

Yep, I could tell, but you're still funny and sweet. God is smiling on you, sweetie, and things won't be bad forever.


Bar Bar A said...

I'm glad I'm not a bug

Anonymous said...

thats a fairly cheap high! if only crack were that cheap and such a payoff day after day.

Joe said...

Well, I don't know about the writer's bad day, but I'll bet them buggy types didn't like their too much.

OOOO! Another anonymous member of the sub-intellegensia takes part in a blog!

Sandy said...

THAT was hilarious! I'd love a zapper too, but probably would feel sorry for the little fried buggers

Mountain Mama said...

I hear that frogs often live under the zapper to dine on the well done insects.

TMK said...

That was funny! I made my husband read it also. He was cracking up and then he asked if we could go the Home Depot. Thanks alot....but we don't really have mosquitos around here. Maybe you killed them all before they could get down here :)

Lucy Stern said...

AHHHH.... The evil bug killer. I live in Houston and the mesquitoes are terrible right now. I could use on of those bug killers.

acoach2 said...
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