Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To see what he could see

The bear went over the mountain
or so the song says.
Probably to relieve himself or because the grass was greener
on the far side of the hill (old folk songs popping up here).
Now when that the bear went over the mountain
do you suppose he crossed any political boundaries?
Will he have to register to vote in a new county?
Is he going to need to learn a new language or get himself a valid ID
in his new domicile? Nah we are all one big happy bear family
and Mi casa es su casa! ( my house is your house).
Seems unfair to expect the bear to abide by silly rules
even though all the bears that came before him
were willing to fill out the forms, wait in line and follow instructions
before they got their piece of the pie.
Every bear can dream, but can not move into someone elses
home and make it a nightmare.
Ok enough about California, how are you other states dealing
with the overpopulation of bears?

Sign me - very tired.
Work to completely demolish one bathroom,
then do a bunch of laundry

and the Michael Jackson acquittal really upset me.



Oren Schmidt said...

Seriously that was an amazing post, stop putting me to shame! At least you now have another avenue to express your talent

Jayleigh said...

Yeah. Amazing. I didn't understand half of it, but hey! You're still amazing.

Signed, High-Speed Jayleigh.


Joyce said...

In Kansas, it's deer not bears. But the same thoughts follow! The deer get lots of jobs here. And now there are more deer in schools some places than...um....um....um...
meadowlarks (state bird).