Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nigerian Scam Busting 103.1

a follow up post on NSB 102:
Brendan was trying to scam one of my readers.
the kindly reader sent me a copy of the letter,
so I wrote to a "Brendan" or Mrs Brendan
(there is some gender confusion with west Africans)

I got a reply that I forwarded to the abuse department
and they notified me today (weeks later) that they have cancelled
this email account. I hope that this will save one possible victim
when the email starts bouncing and the scammer has to explain
why his free account was cancelled. The favorite - and I quote
"I got too many junks in my box!" was from my friend Mary
or Mr. Mary, whose fake check I am using as a floor mat in my car.
Sounds like a personal problem to me

well, My Mary has no box and now neither does (mrs) Brendan!
I'm a very bad man. Send donations, or post comments, Please

friends don't let friends send money to Nigeria

1 comment:

mh said...

I get emails...all the time, from "so called" Nigerian ministers... either asking for support or offering to send my ministry money...

They have no shame...but, evidently, plenty of courage..