Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sometimes you hold your tounge...

Yes - it IS better to wait, and not say anything and be COOL rather than hot
in response to the buffetting that the world can send our way.

I played the answering machine messages Friday;
heard the irritated tone of one of my clients,
heard the deadly words and decided it was not that big of a deal.
Most certainly not worth me sending bad feelings back in her direction.
I took two of her calls, later, while I was busy and under a bit of pressure myself
and kept my feelings in check. Stick to business
and let her emotions return to "normal" (which they did)

So today, two days later she calls to specifically apologize
for her harshness. I accepted her apology and extended my forgiveness.
I have had to do that (once I think) and I know it is not easy.

So everything is better, not because I am morally superior
but because I was slow to anger.
Played the waiting game and won.
Now I just need to get that final check from her!

The only drag, dear readers is that you missed
out on the funny post that I was brewing in my head
about this woman.
Can't win em all.


Sandy said...

ahh, but you did the right thing!!

Jayleigh said...

You did do the right thing, friend.

I was ever-so-glad that I didn't scream at our contractor two days ago for not working AT ALL on our house. Because he more than made up for it yesterday.


Hang in there, Buddy!

David said...

Love your contractor, feed your contractor, give them non alcoholic things to drink. Do not yell. they are sensitive and will withdraw into a shell, and not do good work for you.
tell them everyday how glad and how fortunate you are to have found a solid upstanding citizen to do this important task. Never too much flattering when it comes to Mr. building contractor.