Tuesday, June 07, 2005

please post a comment

dont worry about what to say
just say you read this page
please - I am needing your
support to write even though I am working
twelve hour days ( and loving it)
(whine and cheese- I know!)
Peace to all


Heather said...

hi david-just wanted to say that i've been visiting your blog. i enjoy reading your random thoughts.

and don't work so hard!

Daphnewood said...

I read it, David. I like reading blogs from people that I can relate to or feel some connection to. Yours gives me a piece of home. I haven't been to CA in almost 2 years but still understand that yes, it can snow and just 45 minutes away, you can surf. Well, minus the traffic ;)

Jayleigh said...

David, my fun new friend! I talk to you sometimes twice a day on Yahoo. So I didn't remember to come here and say HI and support your blog-a-riffic blog!

Good Blog! That's a blog. You're a good blog and a happy blog and a nice blog. Yeah. That's a blog. Awwww.... good blog.

David said...

thanks Jay

David said...

heathe rI cant post to your family blog - so I will just keep reading
- Peace and blessings

Esther said...

Hang in there, David.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm one of Hannah's friends. Suffice to say I was sniffing around the internet, and almost purly by luck, I found your site. You sound like a really cool guy. I got quite a kick out of reading your posts. I really like the way you make lemonade out of lemmons. I guess it's a lot easier when you trust in God. Poor folks that don't know 'im. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading your posts. God bless.

Veronika said...

Okay, I'll do what you say. I'm posting a comment even thought it's November 13! I'm reading your archives. Thanks for sharing your life with us! :)