Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Life under water

What if you could live in the shower?
Alright, you can't. But what if?
I really love a long hot shower
its a great wake-me-up
and a decent place to think non-thoughts.
It works for singing, but please don't dance!

I salute the pioneers for being able to get clean in a washtub
yet we are grateful that we don't have to do it the old way
there are few tubs that are long enough for lanky Americans
or deep enough for good soaking ( all body parts in at once)
so we resort to the shower, and keep it short, professional,
and conserve water and fossil fuels.

but in my fantasy world, the bathroom has a huge bathtub
and a shower you can stand in all day, with noone knocking at the
door to say you have a phone call.
and maybe it will have a water proof keyboard so I can blog there too.


Megs said...

Hi David. Thanks for commenting on my blog. There is so much more to NL then what is portade in The Shipping News. Everyone I have talk to that comes to visit Newfoudland once always have to come back again, again, again...

http://www.gov.nf.ca/tourism/ - This site gives you some idea of all the things NL has to offer.

Daphnewood said...

There are 2 rooms in the house that I feel need to be decked with the uttmost care: the kitchen and the bathroom. My family likes to hover while I cook so I need a big spacious kitchen to shove them off to one corner so they can chatter away while I do my magic. And in the bathroom, I am a mom and frequently don't get the privacy I deserve. Thankfully this has changed over the years but the separate shower and bathtub is a dream. I do not have to be rushed out of my bath when hubby gets a page to go in to work. If you get out before your fingers prune, then it's a waste of time in my eyes.