Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I appreciate truly sacred things, and probably fall for some semi-sacred things, but I am deeply opposed to things being called sacred when they are just the opposite. In my opinion, a stone or crystal can not be sacred, nor can a forest or a wilderness ( by itself). Even the rock from which a tomb was carved is not sacred because it held a holy man.

What is sacred is what is used by God or used for God's purpose. I am to be holy, and devoted and dedicated to the Lord. When I do that, am that and be that, I am sacred unto Him. The shell that is my humanity has been made special by the light of God's Holy Spirit being deposited there. I am a lamp and He is the flame burning eternally in this temporal vessel.

I need both a sacred place in my heart, and in my physical dwelling ( but for now there is too much clutter and chaos) this will be a place of study, prayer and devotion, a chapel or sanctuary - even a "tent of meeting" for this traveler in the path on the way to a better promised land. I desire such a place, and more importantly I need to go there often. To give and to get. Giving praise and worship and getting the battle plan for today, getting strength for today's journey and finding my spiritual food.

God is making sacred more and more places on this earth, one heart at a time, one home at time. As the darkness gets darker, the light of His holiness shines brighter, and the fire of His love burns and cleanses out the dirt and filth that has been allowed but will not always pollute His earth and stain His creation.


David Edward said...

anyone can comment - i welcome your thoughts on what sacred is to you.

Shoelady said...

Well written. Thanks for your insights. They are beautiful.

Shoelady said...

Well written. Thanks for your insights. They are beautiful.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Great reflection, David. Identifying or creating that "sacred" place is important on our spiritual growth. I usually find that sacred place at my small, old church.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I also feel that human remains are sacred. Recently I had occasion to visit my ancestors in a cemetery. Only the Creator knows those souls best-
I meet God in many places that feel sacred to me. The edge of the sea at sunset, in the shadow of a mountain, in the middle of a thunderstorm, n every time I'm spared to continue living, feels sacred to me.

Amrita said...

Anything set spart for the use of God is sacred. The Holy Bible, the communion elements music just about anything God uses.

The word sacred can be used in a wider sense - meaning sacred memories, sacrerd union in marriege.

Jillian O'Dwyer said...

Very though provoking ... its true a place can be considered "sacred" but truly only if it is honored that way or used in a manner consistent with one's spiritual beliefs.