Wednesday, March 21, 2012


i am practicing writing and using a single word to prompt me each day,
its like improv, but with a keyboard - Today;s word is wolf.

Wolf, a wild animal, as far as I can see in no way related to my terrier, Scooter even though they share traits.
wolf is a predator and an opportunist, and a social being living in packs . no one really likes them, but we do respect what they are and what they can do. Wolves look bad, but do good in their natural setting, culling out the weak from the herds of animals they feed on.  but if you raise sheep then wolves are a problem and they were even back in the times of Jesus, or when Paul was writing, he used them as an example of what could happen to weak believers if they were not properly protected.  He even said that men would come, pretending to be shepherds but instead they would be devourers of the sheep - as a wolf.
In this moment it seems like the sheep are scattering and the wolves are doing more damage, but I have faith that the great shepherd and his under-shepherds will be gloriously successful in bringing many to safety and to a place of solid faith and healthy spiritual growth.  then the wolves can go to hell
that's how improv writing works, it will need editing later, but I am done for this morning, and will work on my work, now.  God bless you all.

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Amrita said...

Good work David, you 've arranged your thoughts so well and the analogy is very good.

Yes the wolf snaeks in to devour the sheep, he enters through the back gate, but Jesus is the good Shepherd - he enters through the front door and protects his own.

Falso preachers come as wolvwes in sheep clothing, but eventually they are exposede.