Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sometime we compliment a friend or family member by remarking how resilient they are.
'You really come back quickly'.
' I am proud of how resilient you are'.
I think that is important, to be able to return to our normal shape after being squashed, crushed or just bumped.
Yes we get down, and are out of shape, but we COME BACK.
That is what I want to focus on today, the ability of humans to come back after a loss, after a crash after a failure. If we all seem to have some of this capability, then how much more do Christians, with the aid of the holy Spirit and the Word of God, have the responsibility to not let the effects of the world we live in and the attacks of the enemy keep us down. Yes there are depressing moments, and yes there is depression in the body of Christ, but it does not need to be our constant state. Dark days should be warred against as if they were a toxic element, which I believe they are.  We need to demonstrate the come back after losing a loved one to death, and show how even though we fail, as in divorce, we come to a place of acceptance, then regeneration, and the new growth after the latter rains can be even more glorious than the former things ( Is 43:18-19 ).
 This believer trusts God for his WHOLE life, and in respect of God's great investment in me I will be coming back, until there is nothing left in me to come back with, and then I will be going on and on with the Lord in His forever kingdom.  I am made of good stuff, I take a hit, maybe I am knocked to the ground, but I get back up, regain my fighting stance, look the obstacles and the enemy in the eye and say, 'I can take it'.
 I have human resilience and I also have a divine, secret weapon, I know my future!
That keeps me coming back because I know that each chapter of my life can be more exciting and more fruitful than the last one.  
wishing you a bounce in your step that shows how good life is, now and forever.


David C Brown said...

However much we fail we can recover when we know that our blessing is secured in Christ.

Amrita said...

This is very meaningful for me David.

I have been through a very dark period , the valley of the shadow of death so to speak, but the Lord lifted me out of the miry clay and put my feet on solid ground.

My help came from Him alone. Now I can comfort others and encourage them.