Saturday, March 10, 2012

'full of it'

Isn't that what mom would say? Oh, he's full of it!
So I wonder what she would say about me.
It only matters if she is more aware and more honest than I am.
I have come to realize that what I see as weaknesses or blind spots in my life are really glaring inconsistencies between what I say and what I do.Then when I try to explain those things I rationalize ( as do we all) that somehow my circumstances are special, I am entitled to bend my own rules and make life easier for myself.
So am I full of it? full of hot air, full of bs? Is my character up to par, do I have integrity and am I living a life of honor? Not yet.

Full: when I fill myself with temporary things I become more temporal, and the things I have attained in this process are prone to withering,  fading as quickly as the spring grasses.  To be temporary is not my goal, to be a  quick fix for someone else's relationship vacuum.  I need what I do to last and to have enduring value. More than that I desire that who I am is unchanging even in the most challenging times and circumstances.
May he who rescued me from my own willful and selfish ways set me back on the path that leads to eternal glory and through the places that will shape me into a man that is consistent, reliable and full of truth, not lies.

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Amrita said...

You are so honest David.

I find I too have have decrease and God to increase in my life