Sunday, July 25, 2010


I feel like I am dangling my feet over the edge of a bridge called 'Rational thought'
and my toes are numbing themselves in the cold hard waters of an illusionary world
that only my mom can see or feel. Damn it is scary to see someone lose their self confidence and their sense of place, position or power. The ghosts of some other reality are playing on her emotions and giving her a hell of a time. My job? bring it all back with a reminder that her beagle ( whom i despise) is her steadfast pal and faithful ( yeah right????) guardian. If he is here, all is well.


Melli said...

Oh David... so much changes in the head and heart of the elderly... I don't know which is worse... that or losing physical abilities. I'm sure you know I take care of my MIL (who has alzheimer's), but at church this morning I found myself "helping" one of our loyal parishoners - an elderly woman who is going (and is NEARLY) blind. Her mind is still sharp as a tack - but she is so fragile because she just can't SEE. She needs so much help. And yet, she gets to church every Sunday - one of her kids drops her off. She needs help to get into the church, and into her pew and down the aisle for communion. And then she prays that someone will be good enough to take her home. God provides. Someone always takes her. Today it was me - but it was my first time.

You are a good son. We don't THINK as we're aging that one day we are going to have to take CARE of our parents. (and I SURE never thought I'd be taking care of my mother IN-LAW!) LOL! God bless you...

Amrita said...

I feel th e same way as I take care of my mother. She gets confused and fearful at times, needs reassuring and relieving of her anxieties. One day I might have to deal with the same in my life. Its very hard to take, when you up close 24/7.

I was blessed by Melli 's comment.