Friday, June 04, 2010

dream me a dream

I am surprised - puzzled as I Awake from this dream.

I have come out of a house ( in NY somewhere) because my father has just arrived from ( i think ) The City, I need to pack still, but I ask the cab driver if he can wait for us. He says he does not think so and I tell him I will call another cab and he says I can have King come pick us up. I am not happy about that because I know King to be a drug user and seller, and he ripped me off at least once when I tried to give him some work to do ( another LONG blog post about that)
As I look into the cab I can not see the driver, but I recognize his voice, it is Al, one of my labor helpers. when I wake the name on the phone is Al, I have brought it up while trying to turn off the alarm.
THE WEIRDEST part, when I look into the cab I see two foot tall weeds, and Al is prone, somewhere under the weeds. there is a field inside this cab, blooming of something like wild mustard. Al is clearly UNDER the field, or so it seems to me at the time.
Why is HE coming to get me, or bringing my father ( 30 years deceased) to get me? WHy am I not packed, ready? whoah nellie


Amrita said...

Dear David I have had some strangge dreams too.

We 've been gong through some difficult times right now.

God will bring us all out of it I know.
Let us pray for eeach other.

Snaggle Tooth said...

This sounds just like a dream you had posted about a year ago- with Al, (isin't he deseased in real life?) n a field of weeds inside a car- I remember it! Again a reference to your Dad. This is a revisited work anxiety dream (co-workers mentioned).

Your mind is on your work- a distraction away from being a bit anxious about your Mom's upcoming, (unknown timing in the future) journey beyond.

It's the not knowing that gets you!

Snaggle Tooth said...

You're not packed- cus you're not going!

David said...

yes snaggle tooth. same dream. reposted