Saturday, May 29, 2010

not afraid

I am not afraid of my addictions
i am now comfortable in my own skin,
maybe too much so,
but I can tell you candidly that I am alright with
NEEDING something so bad I would run you down to get it.
Today that need is spelled C O F F E E

see you after I slurp my first mug down.....


kenju said...

You and me both!!

Amrita said...

You arre a new creation in Christ David! Have a bright weekend

Chris said...

Oh, you are SO a man after my own heart. "Hi, my name is Chris. I'm a coffee-holic". lol

Bob-kat said...

There's nothing quite like a really good mug of coffee when you need it. Enjoy!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I used to be so addicted to coffee for many decades- then said, if I can have a whole pot n still feel exhausted it's time to quit- n did!
Nothing like the smell tho-
Now If I have it- I get a crash head-ache as bad as a hangover!