Sunday, May 09, 2010

MOST of the four pallets of paving stones are in place(s)
My back is 'strong, like Ox' and my head is full of more ideas for improving the front of the property.....
MANY plants are being planted, transplanted and imagined.
Seeds in dozens of containers are springing up in the greenhouse and on the back deck.
Possible snow tonight and a low temp of 30 degrees F

Yeah, its Mothers day, bring on some snow...... and wind


Amrita said...

Hi David, hope you had a lovely Mother 's Day celebrtion with Angel Mom. Her hair looks like an angel halo in the FB photo.

We had a quiet day after church. My sisters called to greet Mama


We had cold weather for Mother's Day....enough that some plants had to be brought in. Visited my Mother (who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer)....she seemed to be doing well.

We are doing a paver project,too. I expect ours will take much longer as we try to get these kind of things via Craig's List, people tearing up their current landscape, etc.