Friday, May 14, 2010

Latter days

i don't know how to feel.
I have never been here before
so I just let it all in
and figure it will get sorted out later.

Time moves so slowly for the old and infirmed
how much more so for those whose cognitive abilities
are slipping. Sleep is a blessing, so she sleeps a lot

I do my best to not think to much
but to feel whatever
and know it is going to be 'all right'.

1 comment:

Amrita said...

Dar David, I know sleep is a comfort for the elderly. I did not understand this but now I do. Sometimes my Mom dozes off before the TV - I let her rest like that.She will be 78 next month.How old is your Mom?

Making sure that our elderly are comfortable is the best thing - and God sends His grace.