Monday, May 03, 2010


oh my
Oh my aching back
Oh my that looks pretty good
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David said...

i like the WET look and will see if I can afford the sealer ( a lot of it) to make these pavers darker,

Blond Girl said...

Hi David!

That looks so nice! I can imagine how your back hurts. Listen, be sure to be warming up and stretching before these sessions - and also use your legs to help; try to avoid too much bending over while holding the heavy blocks. Yeah, I sound like a mom, but I put my back out on April 1st and I'm just now getting back to work. Thank God for FMLA!

BTW, remember when you you used to come by my old blog, Rants, Raves and Revelations of the Blond Girl? Well, I had to close that blog out (hackers got to my gmail account), but I've started a new one, Highlights of the Blond Girl.

If you feel like it, drop by. I'm at

Hope you're doing well!

Kathryn said...

It does look great! A lot of work, tho.

Thanks for the ride yesterday.

Snaggle Tooth said...

N only a stack n a half of bricks left to look at-Yikes! Thought you might be laying down bricks on that sand-
Book the massage soon!

Amrita said...

You did such a neat job David - with all the hard work put it no wonder you had an achy back.

We long for our church walkway paved too.