Thursday, July 02, 2009

this is not about me

which means it is about YOU

Dear sons of mine,
I know this is obvious
but these days it is sorely missing so I am adding my voice to remind you to:
Be polite, thoughtful and kind.
Open the door for others
Stand back and let another go first
Take a far away parking spot and use your legs
When a woman has a heavy item to lift
offer to help and then - Do it.
even if she thinks you are strange she will thank you and later pause to reflect, "wasn't that nice?"

To any "liberated" ladies who find chivalry distasteful
you always have the option of changing the channel

I like the world full of
KIND, thoughtful men
and respectful youth
and gestures that speak of our concern that another's day would be lifted to a new level by a simple act of kindness.

also today I am doing what I do worst, playing with colors for the house


Jennifer said...

Where is the "like" option for this post? I give it two thumbs up, five stars.

Donetta said...


Carmi said...

Kindness has no boundaries, least of which gender. Beautifully said, David, as ever. I'm with Jennifer: my thumbs are way up on this one.

I'd like to think that you playing with colors would be a good thing.

Amrita said...

Bravo david, these are what real men are like. Very good indeed.

Bob-kat said...

Kindness is sorely lacking and so I add my thumbs to the others here. I think it can be extended to women too, and to remembering to say please and thank you. I often hold the door for people and rarely do I ever get a thank you.

Emme Rogers said...

Love it and could not agree more!

Glad I decided to do Tanya's Meet & Greet today just to read this!

Thank you!


sage said...

Carmi, who is so kind, is right, kindness knows no boundaries. Your sons are getting good advice.

Jean said...

Beautiful post, David. Felt good reading this.