Sunday, July 05, 2009


Fourth of July Shed project started at 9:45 with four persons working.

By 1:45 we had the plywood on the roof.

My son and carpenter helper had to leave early

By 3:45 I sat back with a cup of coffee and saw a mini house with three walls complete, a door, and a very cool mountain look.

It is almost too nice to store your rakes and shovels.

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a picture of the "end of the day" product is HERE


Emme Rogers said...

My oh my, you certainly had a busy day yesterday, didn't you? Great looking shed!


Donetta said...

Very nice! What a wonderful what to share a day with your son.
I was just thinking last night of a dog house the size of a small shed. We have a golden retriever and a chocolate Lab. Now ordinary dog house would fit them.

colleen said...

Presto! That's very impressive and inspiring to put something together that fast. Netchick sent me over to look.

Chris Mathieson said...

Congrats on a job well-done! There's something wonderful about being able to see and touch the fruits of our labours. Most jobs are so service-oriented or abstract, which means you never get to sit back and go "gee... I made THAT."


Netchick sent me. :)


Amrita said...

Very skillfully done and displayed.

Today I bought some tomato a nd ridge gourd seeds, this is their planting season.
The feral monkey is reported to be perched on a fruit tree outside a near by Pentecostal Church. May the Lord protect my Pentecostal friends, I attend their christmas services.

Nikki-ann said...

A job well done, I say :)


Very nice. We need to build a shed, too. Your photos made me understand more how one goes about doing it themselves. I recently saw some Amish barn-raising photos that were pretty neat. :-)

STACY'S TRIP said...

very nice to meet you and I miss Calif a lot. only lived here in Kansas City for 2 years. Grew up in Huntington Beach then Riverside....of course been to Big Bear more times than I can count. Thanks for commenting. I will be back

Snaggle Tooth said...

Much work for a little place- Love the wood.

JOE TODD said...

Great looking shed. I've got an 10x12 metal shed from Lowes I still need to put together. (hopefully before snow) Thanks Joe Todd