Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wall hanging

40 minutes to therapy
I go because
its where I meet myself best
some days it is also where I meet my best self.

Thank God for the skills and study of the psychology personnel
and for the zillions of self-help books.
Its a wonder that it took me so long to get where I am
but on the other hand... what was the rush?
I am here now, and as long as I am here,
where here is does not matter very much.
What seems to please me most is a new awareness
of myself moving and enjoying the texture and fabric of my life.
Many hands have woven bits and pieces of this tapestry ( nod to Carole King)
and from the back it looked like a big thready mess
but now that I am getting it turned around
it blesses me to see what God has made of me.


Donetta said...

It blesses me too.
Non to Carol King and to you my friend.

Even those flaws in the weave they have a texture all their own. They add the dimension. The depth that nothing else could.

Amrita said...

Praise God you are His workmanship David.

PI said...

I'm glad you are happy in your skin David. You deserve to be:)

Amrita said...

I like reading self help books too. Not many available here but i have a couple by John Maxwell.

Somebody mention "Telling Yourself the Truth" by William Backus and Marie Chapain.
Suposed to be good andi wish I could my hands on it. I googled for it and its quite quite cheap just under $ 2. If you have not read it, get it.