Saturday, June 13, 2009

got this from Zan's blog

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after you view the video


Chris Mathieson said...

The first part, with the rain, we used to do in elementary school.. always amazing to see how effective that can be, even when it's kids doing it. As far as "Africa" goes, there are so many good acapella bands out there... I always liked the Brown Derbies (from Brown University) and the Cayuga Waiters (from Cornell University). Check 'em out! (And thanks for sharing!)

Chris Mathieson said...

(And NetChick sent me, of course!)

Zan said...

Gee, this video looks familiar, hehe. I love randoming YouTube, I always find something that amazes, amuses, or inspires me.

I hadn't thought about the "storm exercise" for roughly 26 years. I'm amazed the memories my brain holds that are never triggered.

I flounced my way over here from NetChick's. Hallo!

Renee said...

This was great! Thank you!

Renee said...

Ok, now I am addicted. I have watched this at least ten times and I keep pulling people in to see it as they walk by. It's really very good!