Monday, June 01, 2009

Tiptoeing through the tulips

there is NOTHING like a garden.
it matters not what size
containers on a balcony
neat rows of veggies in a garden plot
or massive old grand royal gardens
planted hundreds of years ago

we all need to keep and nourish our connection to the earth
for that is what we were made from
and what sustains us
tend a small plant and see it produce food
watch a seed become a pair of leaves and then a flower
and you will never doubt than life IS a miracle

YOU are a miracle and a flower in the garden
you have the ability and the need and the honor
of nourishing others and beautifying the world we live in
I welcome your miraculous life into my world
Thank you for your presence here


Kathryn said...

I'm planning to garden . . . someday! I have a tomato plant with 3 little tomatoes on it & several other blossoms. My herbs are doing well. But i haven't planned enough to do the outside planted garden this year. Container gardening again!

We are gone until 16 June. Headed East for a trip. Will have to have you over when we get back. Happy gardening. Thank you for being in our lives! :)

David said...

Oh by the way
yes I believe
first man was made from clay
I like this story
much better than the one about the protoplasm to lizard to ape to human.
Think about it ladies, aren't we always dirty? and not to fear I do not think women are related to clay, I know you were made from something very much sweeter.

Amrita said...

REally like your gardening thoughts David.
There are valuable lessons to be learnt from nature around us.

Oh yes us laydies are maid of sugar and spice and everything nice!!!