Thursday, November 17, 2011


on the importance of TIME

finding Time
to be my friend
learning not to rush anymore
or throw it away
Giving generously of mine
taking sparingly of yours
and of the essence of life it holds

Living in the mind of the free
and the heart of the brave
Time is not money
do not believe that
Time is worth much more than that
Time is what life is made of
enjoy it


Snaggle Tooth said...

So many poems, so little time... until you decide to make more-

Snaggle Tooth said...

When was I here? Is this a previous poem posting?
A good one too-
Sounding like you're not in the hurry I find myself in everyday-
I hate my job- It would help not to be working nights n every single Holiday.
So appreciate your visits, folks, n Thanksgiving dinner. I don't get one this year-

David Edward Linus said...

previously published - and you are one of my best commenters
Thanks ST

Amrita said...

Time is slowing down for others

David Edward Linus said...

it occurs to me that even though I have slowed my life a lot, I am still fascinated by time, and yet I am an eternal being, immortal and do not have the fear that all of my time will run out, I still value it, perhaps too much.