Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Not just dirt

Sifting reveals rocks that are a problem for some and a building material for others.

Today as I was filling my garden beds, I felt the need to sort the rocks from the soil using my old sifter ( picture) much like the kind my father used many years ago

In therapy I am also using a sifting device to lift up the contents of my life and to let the good and useful knowledge, wisdom and gifts fall through and screen the boulders, scree and gravel for other uses. It HAS BEEN a long process and I bless God and the many sensitive souls who have gone through those times with me.

here is what I have after sifting the soil for my garden; several large rocks that could be used to build a wall or a path, many smaller stones and gravel that I am using as fill below the depth where the roots will reach to provide drainage and stability, and then the smaller particles that fell through my 1/2" screen that will be mixed with manure and other soil amendments to make a nutritional source for the flowers and vegetables that I am going to grow.

Obvious to me, this is hard work. I lift the dirt at least three times before it is in the garden beds.
( my brain just told me how to do it in two moves, yay! )

As I work my brain works also - usually on hidden things, so no surprise that the sifting of my emotional, spiritual and psychological perspectives should come into view as I moved a half ton of dirt from one place to another.
A while ago I was a mess, a large pile of debris with some good stuff hidden in the midst. Trust me, or read my archives. A series of life changes and relationships has caused me to continue to examine what about me works and what did not, my last two therapists lent an huge boost to my progress by NOT TELLING ME MUCH, but by letting me see it for myself and OWN the reality so that it was also mine to alter. ONE REALLY GOOD BOOK opened my heart to me in a new way, Many conversations with sweet and caring friends pushed me along the path toward NOW, and being here with mom has turned into the great blessing that God is using to make me into a strong man and a more compassionate human being. It has been a hard path, but worth every step and every stubbed toe for I am seeing the mountain pass and the blue sky that foretells a brighter day.. More later - the garden has more to teach me


Donetta said...

Kindred soul...So true the earth education leave those allegorical perspective clear like few other thing could ever do.
I started a new blog...BEE BLISS GARDENS
I too see the stones sifted used for greater uses, They just had to have somebody care enough to sort them out.
Learning how to care about our own soil ...well when given no or a poor example we spend some time learning those skill sets.
Understanding is the beginning of knowledge.
It is in that understanding that the knowledge can then be implemented.
The implementation of it then is the beginning of wisdom.
God said we just have to ask for it if we want it.
Have not because we ask.....not.
Just ask my friend it is there.
Withing the very essence of life.

Russ said...

Check out a book called
90 Minutes in Heaven. I think you'll like it. Brings things into perspective for me.

Snaggle Tooth said...

It occurs to me in reading about your screen n sifting, that you are in CA, n in the old days they used to find gold nuggets this way...
I love rocks, n have a small collection in my kitchen windowsill.