Tuesday, May 12, 2009

weeding - and feeding

It is WAY spring all of a sudden
and the battles have been renewed between myself and the ever present Taraxacum officinale,

It should be plural but what is the plural of thousands?

SO i am pulling weeds, and planting flowers.
Mom thinks the damndelions are flowers, cute and yellow.

I think the damndelions are a scourge, the eleventh plauge that God set on the Egyptians to finally convince Pharaoh to "let my people go!" No matter. They are bad news, and a pox and a blight on my flower garden. I will not have them or their floating fluffy offspring ruining my floral displays.
As I am constantly monitoring myself for useful messages and visions to explain what heretofore has been inexplicable ( me), I sensed in the dandelions an object lesson de jour. I am working it up into a full blown post, but suffice it to say that God owns the garden that is me, and has let me work in it, and so I am choosing daily the type of flowers and care that go into making me beautiful and fruitful.
Yes, it is back breaking work. I am holding on to see the results that some weeding, watering and fertilizers will bring in the months and years ahead.


Kathryn said...

Guess you could get back at them by eating them! Some folks love dandelion in salad. I saw a recipe for them fried recently!

David said...

you know I saw a recipe, but most of these live in the 'dog yard' and have too much fertilizer associated with them for me to consider them as edible.

Sage said...

Make dandelion salad and dandelion wine--if you drink enough of the wine, you want care! Here, there are fields of yellow--all dandelions.

Re, you comment above, that's the problem with using dandelions! No need to poison yourself in an attempt to go back to the land.