Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation memories ( or what happened to me?)

So I am on this beautiful wood ketch, making toward the open ocean out of San Diego bay, and suddenly a strange force comes over me, and I become nauseated, and dump the contents of my stomach into the ocean, several times. When I get somewhat stabilized and the boat heads off on the port tack the swells are handled better, and I go recline on a side deck, sucking in quantities of fresh ocean air. Here is where I get fuzzy about the details, but I am almost sure that I was abducted by aliens in a UFO. When I returned I had serious radiation burns on my face, parts of my legs and on the tops of my feet. The crew, which had been 'normal' during the sail, turned into rum slugging drunks after dinner, so I think they had some sort of extra terrestrial contact also.
The hot shower in the tiny 'head' gave some sense of calm and ease, and I turned in and prayed the gray, big headed weirdos would leave me alone.
I awoke too early in the morning to a giant SPLOOSH, and flapping wings. It seems that fishing, for the pelicans, begins just at first light. Breakfast was hearty and the captain offered me two small magic pills that fended off all queasiness and the alien menace. The rest of the day was a quiet one, just the wind across our bow and the whoosh of the bow wake. I got so relaxed I did not even bother with wanting to trim sails, or handle the steering. I was a vegetable, and only the thoughts of the Sheraton's breezy room and the cool pool could coax me off the vessel I had come to think of as MINE for two days.

Video view from the bow HERE


Carmi said...

You take the most amazing water-themed videos. Whether you're beside it or on it, every time I see your footage, I want to be Right There.

Tanya asked me to send you her best.

Amrita said...

Wow David just reading this refreshes me!