Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You write the title, really

I like the previous post but it ran long
so this will be shorter, but still have a point.

Mom and I were driving home from church on a Sunday night
the roads were slick after a minor snow storm and the car ahead of me had come to a stop and was spinning its wheels. It was a Cadillac, ( my dad never liked Caddy's) drivin by a blond.

I was stopped anyway, so I hopped out and offered to tow her to the top of the hill ( the car) or use my bumper to PUSH her cute caddy to the place where the road flattened a bit.

She said the funniest thing when the window rolled down. I kid you not. With her best exasperated female, white wine laced, 'Gone with the Wind' voice. " there is something wrong with my car!"

Seriously, the thing wrong with the car was the driver, and if she stayed in the middle of the road she and her shiny car were in jeopardy. I told her I thought the ice was the problem ( i could barely keep my feet on it) and eliminated the rope tow option and nudged up under her perfect bumper and gave her the softest bump I could, until we were both moving and she was cresting the hill. She was seriously freaked out by now and moving at ten miles an hour, which is good if you are intoxicated and driving on ice. It is not good to stay at ten when there is another dip down and a rise in the next block, so she spun the tires again and we repeated our delicate dance and she ( i presume) got safely to her home and I am sure said something like, " I need a drink!"

Disclaimer: all stories on this blog are true ( even this one) unless they are fictional.

So YOU make up the applications ( there can be several) or "Caption this post"


Amrita said...

Nice experiences you have David.

Bob-kat said...

This carries on your previous analogy perfectly, except this time you were in the role of 'friend'.

I can't think of anything witty right now but surely something to do with Ice Dancing would work? :)

Kathryn said...

Not so very witty. Like Bob-kat, i thought i might come up with something funny at a later time. But my brain box is fogged & stalled.

Nothing doing. Sorry.

How are you my friend? Haven't heard in a while. Hope everything is ok.


Josh Lavoie said...

Hello David,

Interesting story with the ice on the road. Might want to try a warmer climate! Or buy some skates :)

NetChick sent me.


Carmi said...

It's lame, I know, but here goes:

The kindness of strangers.

I love how you shared this encounter with us. I feel like we were right there with you. You are a great storyteller.