Thursday, January 22, 2009

what a difference a day makes

I am UP
on top of the rainy world. Starting Wednesday
I had such a good kayak trip 5 or 6 miles, sore arms and shoulders!
then, today another breakthrough counseling session
- chipping away at false guilt and self destruction.

and then today with Mom, so sweet, I just know I am in this place
at this time for God's purposes. her home care aid was sick so i filled in.
lots of eye drops through out the day. She is doing well though forgetful.
Then a delicious dinner tonight
and dessert was my apple crisp. I am so stuffed I will never fit
into my skinny 34 inch Levi's 501. but it was worth it
I got those for free, forgot to blog about it

and then -
today at the thrift store I found
it is an Ebelskiver pan
of cast iron

now I need an Ebelskiver recipe.... Google, what do you have ?

Much love to all - God is good.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Ok, what is in "Ebelskiver"-
Never heard of it. Must be a CA thing?

colleen said...

Life is good! So glad you have such a rich one.

David said...

its a danish round pancake, snagggle
now I need to learn how to make them

colleen - thanks for your visit.