Friday, January 23, 2009

mm mmmm good

or Berry berry good
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as mentioned in the previous post I got FREE pair of Levi's 501's
well, actually they were not free, it is just that I did not buy them
someone else did.
A careless person who must have put them on top of their car
and then driven toward the ski area,or back toward their hotel.
Funny thing about tourists, they drive too fast
strange thing about pants, they fly off when you drive to fast
( not off your body, off your car)
so I saw something in the center lane, getting run over by tourist tires
(Locals try to be nice, driving around, not over your jeans!)
I turned around, stopped in the middle lane, set the flashers
and retrieved a fine pair of TOO small Jeans
some cool warm up pants ( name brand) were out there too
I am a 36 - the jeans are a 34
but I am fitting in by eating less and working out more
Thanks to the tourist, I feel great and look sharp too!

Quick contest: tell me your best free clothes story and I will send the best entry a jar of
Black berry - Raspberry preserves

Update Saturday noon
found - cast iron griddle/ grill for the stove top.
Destination today: Lake baby! windy but I will find some coves to explore!


Chris said...

Okay, here you go: My wedding dress was free. I already had a wedding dress for a wedding that never occured (dumped at the altar, long story). I was not about to wear that one ever and I did not have money to buy a new one. So, I decided to rent one. Yes, rent. I took my dress to the rental location and asked if she would take that one and rent to me for free. Not only did she take my dress, she loved it so much that she gave me the one I was supposed to rent which to me and my bridesmaids was more gorgeous than the other. She gave me my veil for free, too! So there. Not bad, hmmm?

Surcie said...

I don't remember a good free clothes story, but having lost a bunch of weight recently, I am taking 6 huge bags of gently used clothes to my local Goodwill tomorrow!

Have a good weekend, David.

Char said...

I've never been than lucky :( However I did find $100 by a truck at the mall just lying on the ground and with that I bought some clothes. I think I was 17 years old.

Last Girl On Earth - Deni said...

aA few years ago, I was on tour playing in Cyndi Lauper's band. I was between an East Coast tour and a West Coast tour, and my hubby and I got married and went to France for our honeymoon. The morning after I got home from the honeymoon trip, I got AMBUSHED by AMBUSH MAKEOVER in front of our apartment. I was given a couple of thousand dollars worth of free clothes for my trials! To read the whole story, go HERE:

Tanya sent me tonight. I'm glad she did! Hope you have a great weekend, David.

David said...

good stories so far, keep em coming - Surcie congrats on the new healthy you

Amrita said...

I was lucky with rice. I got it as half the price as the computer rang up th wrong bill and it was locked so they could not charge me the normal price.

Russ said...

Hi David. The only free clothes story I have is the ones I donate to Brothers Keeper so they can clothe the less fortunate. Free for them, fulfilling for me.

Kim Williams said...

fun place you have here.

i can only think of one 'free clothes' story - and i don't think i'll share it here. i will tell you it involved a college girl friend and a very late night interruption...rushing to dress in the get the idea.

NetChick sent me.

Sleepypete said...

Lol - and a bit of excitement too dodging the cars coming past so you didn't find out what the clothes felt like when the tourist tires were going over them :-)

Netchick sent me today

Not sure if I have any good free clothes stories (slightly sore head could be hiding them ...)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great way to get some NEW don't have a Free Clothing story, I'm sorry to say....Abd, I did a "B" post using the word might check it out, it was back about 6 or 7 days agi,,,,!
Thanks for the visit, David.

mw said...

What a fun post David, and I like that you are using your free pants to motivate yourself - wonderful!

For quite some time I'd been looking for a good full fleece mask for hiking in ridiculously cold weather, and having bought several I realized I had some very specific requirements that apparently weren't available in any mask I could purchase. One night, while I was out walking in a warmer than normal winters night, my toe caught in something uncovered by the slightly melted snow. I reached down in the dark and pulled on it, until a frozen lump came free of the ice and snow. I could tell it was fleece, and assumed it was some fleece mittens, so I tied them to my backpack and resumed hiking. It was only after I had them inside and thawed that I realized it was almost the perfect face mask that I had been looking for (the only deviation is that it was in a militaristic camo pattern, which I don't care for, but I also hike at night in ridiculously cold weather, so I don't think I'll ever be seen in it). I still wear that mask, so far several times this winter...

Wishing you well :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

My kids make clothes sometimes. My PCN daughter made me scrubs one Xmas, with a pattern of small, silly tomatoe faces on them (Still in my Jammie bin).
My other daughter made a polar fleece scarf years back I'm now using daily in this freeze-zone.

PI said...

For years I was a second hand Rose as, until I left home at 16 I had all my sister's hand- me-downs. They were always excellent as my older sister was brought up by three maiden aunts - two of whom were trained seamstresses. It would have been perfect except Maddie had larger bones than I did and in spite of the quality of the clothes I looked like Orphan Annie:) I still get pleasure out of wearing clothes meant just for me.
Tanya sends her best.

Bob-kat said...

I don't think I have any free clothes stories though a blog friend is sending me a scarf to cover up my operation scar when I go out in the world :)

Pamela said...

I would make up one for your berry preserves. (:

I made grape jelly this year - as we have a small arbor.

There are scads of blackberries vines that grow close by - and I noticed last week that a volunteer group was removing them (it was like 20 degrees brr) and promising to plant local flora to try and reclaim the creek banks.

Now that is a free set of clothes for yellowhawk creek!!

phoenix said...

Way back when, before my current job, I worked for the local newspaper. I was wanting to move up the corporate ladder, so to speak, when my boss decided that she was going to "help".

She took me home with her that day and gave me hundreds of dollars worth of dresses and suits that she could no longer wear.

Her donation not only got me a job in the main office, but they also helped me to land another higher up job just months later. :)

phoenix said...

BTW - I have a pondry question for you over on my blog... Mr. Master Renovator you!