Friday, January 30, 2009

time out to play and relax

Posted by Picasahey
I am so glad for the gift that massage has become.
about a week ago I had a neighbor work out most of the soreness that I accumulated by cutting, splitting and stacking a ton of firewood (2200 lbs at least).
I had traded firewood for the massage, so I could afford it, yay!

Next month playtime will be in Burbank, Ca where I am going to watch a taping of my favorite show, with host Drew Carey: The Price is Right! For a long time I have wanted to be on the show, to bid on prizes and to win the SHOWCASE! I guess it could really happen, or more realistically, I will get a day off the mountain, go to dinner with my brother, and yell and scream like all those other silly folks. Wish me luck, or a blessing.

My life is so good, I think I will not care if I have a trip to Europe (eeeww) or a NEW CAR!
but I would like to hug Drew or one of Bob Barkers Beauties......


jel said...

let us know when ya are going to be on so we can watch! ;)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Have some fun, you deserve it.
Lucky you!

David said...

I never got to go - they canceled taping that day