Thursday, January 29, 2009

one amazing month

After four really eye popping weeks in therapy
and a solution to a fairly complicated dream puzzle
God has freed much more than my mind.

There have been wonderful moments of standing before God in worship and prayer where I sensed I was accepted and loved and cherished by Him just as I am.

Lots and lots of driving time
combined with good music, good conversation, plenty of laughter
and a small dose of sadness have created in me the awareness that ( hold on to your hats) I am alright.

You would be right if you thought that I am looking forward to February!


Bob-kat said...

Very lad to hear it.

I'm alright, you're alright. Sounds like a good title for a book don'tcha think :)

Chris mathieson said...

Driving time... that's my favorite time to think, weigh and consider. Unfortunately, in today's society, we're so often surrounded by distractions and noise that we've lost the skill of real focus.

Sitting in a library or driving my car alone are the only times I really get to be alone with my thoughts.

They're always better company than I expect.


Cognoscento said...

Oh, and NetChick sent me. ;)

Carmi said...

Amen, man. I'm so, so happy to see that light shining on you. I'll be thinking of your inspiring words as I drive in my own vehicle later today. Like you, I often use that time to work through life stuff. And I find it cathartic.