Monday, January 19, 2009

No complaints*

Not a bad day in the desert.

I rose too early, before the sun, went for egg sandwich breakfast at local chain, yum!
Used the fitness center here at the Hilton garden Inn.
The fitness center is apparently a place you go if you don't have firewood to cut, split or stack.
Checked my email at the business center, alas, I had no business to do (hysterical laugh).
I went on to the business of writing a paper letter, something I love to do.
Woke my mom up about 7:30 and had her out the door about 8:30 for the appointment at the outpatient surgery center at 9am. they took out a cataract, That took three hours. it would have been less but she fought them tooth and nail, mistakenly thinking they were going to harm her. Whew! i would not have wanted to be the nurses and helpers. it took FOUR of then to hold her still for the operation, can you imagine?
holy smokes. her first words to me, "where were you when I needed you?"
Ok, got mom back to the hotel, settled in alright.
For me it was more fitness center, jacuzzi and swam a bunch of laps in the outdoor pool.
For folks in the northeast or Midwest, an outdoor pool in January is what you call a skating rink, just not frozen....
Now some blogging, email, and then dinner. Maybe Thai food.

Later I will work some more on my jigsaw puzzle and read a bit more of THIS AMAZING BOOK! ( link to amazon) by greg Cynaumon, Ph.d

Ok the asterisk *
no complaints*
Perhaps there are a few nurses or orderlies who have bruises, THEY might have something to say about the feisty old lady (89) who was not going to take being poked and prodded any longer!

such is life - for mom and myself.
I am taking care, and staying clear when she gets angry...


Amrita said...

Oh dear good everybody got out in one piece after the surgery (laughing hysterically).
Poor Mom.

But seems your day was nice.

Snaggle Tooth said...

The more descisions that get taken away- they more elders get PO'd-

I thought my mother was going to kill me when we took her car keys away- but she had brain tumors n couldn't drive anymore- even if she wanted to. You've got to take care of them as best you can, for their own good
Doesn't mean they're going to like it-!