Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I will be in the bar..

Last night bought Thai food in abundance - to go and while it was being lovingly prepared
I had the bartender open a Michelob ultra ( tasteless, blech!)
as I sat there he asked to conduct an experiment on my taste buds
it involved distinguishing the difference between two types of tequila.
Not wanting to disappoint the young man, I obliged, and of course failed miserably.

seems the really good stuff has less bite, less flavor than the cheaper.
I sipped away for five minutes to the amazement of the bartender and his friends,
never getting to agreeing with them that tequila 'a' was better than tequila 'b'
Both were warming my throat nicely and were exquisitely free, so was I!
by now steaming "to go' boxes of pad thai and seafood was ready for me to grab and run.

Oh the heaven of that smell, it about killed me in the car..
and the tequila was more than I would have needed to off set the busy day that mom and I had at outpatient surgery ( see the fight notes below)

This morning's USA TODAY has THE O looking like the archbishop of Washington
and says something like "Hussein to rule and reign forever, we are saved"
something like that....
I chuckle, because I am still happy, and free ( for now)


PI said...

Careful David - one tequila two tequila three tequila - floor!
Just realised there is also a Great Bear Lake in Canada also.

sage said...

Tequila in a Thai restuarant, that's globalization, eh?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Take every little vaca you can, but watch out for the hangover- it'll be a doozie!

Goes down easy- but wears off hard!

N yay for Obama- Leave it to Teddy to steal the luncheon show with his collapse n ambulance ride out-